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From: Josh Vacek & Tom Geller

Thanks for your interest in promoting this killer product. Be ready to crush it...

We have spent months to develop this product. You can be proud to promote it and make your easiest money EVER!



Commission Shops is an amazing web-based application that creates multiples high converting affiliate sites/shops, automatically drives traffic to those sites and makes sales on autopilot.

Here are what Commission Shops application can do exactly:

  1. It automatically pulls up the best converting products from Clickbank and Amazon to create affiliate 'shops' based on your chosen keywords.
  2. It automatically searches for contents that are relevant to the products in your 'shops' on the net.
  3. It automatically generates unique contents to bring traffic/backlinks to your shops/sites.
  4. It automatically builds up an internal linking network which can make traffic to your shops go viral.


Perhaps you want to know why we wanted this software to work with Amazon products besides Clickbank offers. Here are the reasons:

  • a) Amazon is a trusted Brand – From surveys, Amazon came up # 1 as the most popular shopping destination. Everyone knows Amazon and is familiar with it – they trust it and do spend significant money there.
  • b) People Buy More than One Item – the great thing about Amazon is that you don’t just earn ONE commission ONE product that you refer people to, but anything that they buy once they’re at Amazon. Sell once and reap future commissions forever.
  • c) Payment Options – Amazon pays their affiliates in a number of ways. One of the things that I like is that they give you the option to be paid in products instead of cash.
  • d) Wide Array of Products.

Users will love this software because: It's web-based - No installation needed. Users just login and implement a few simple steps.

  • It has free hosting, free domain.
  • It’s easy to use - No experience/previous knowledge required.
  • It's fast and users can get started immediately. No learning curve!

We've just uploaded a video showing the software in action (Please Press Play to watch)


You'll get 65% of everything, so you can earn up to 160$/sale. Unlike other launches that promise you up to 600$/sale, we gives you a realistic number. However our upsells' conversion is very high as the customers love them.

We also implement CPA (Cost-Per-Action) to pay you for any action that your leads do on our site (for example, leaving their emails on the exit popup page to receive a free gift).

So besides the pay-per-sale commission, you'll receive extra pay-per-lead commission from us via Paypal.

In order to join our CPA program, please register here for a free affiliate account.

Your Profits!!!

You get an Aggressive 65% Commission
Expected EPC : above $2.5

CPA commission & Awesome Jv prizes (10000$ Cash Prizes contest) paid by us.

The Perpertual *BONUS CASH* Program

If you send 1-49 sales a month, your commission is 65%.

If you send 50-99 sales a month, your commission is 80%.

If you send 100 sales and above a month, your commission is 95%.


All the bonus commissions will be paid via Paypal by us. To get the commission override of 10% or 30%, please send us an email with the title "Performer-Bonus Cash Request" to receive your bonus cash.



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To your success,


Josh Vacek & Tom Geller
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